Sentence Completion Activity

Today I am sharing IELTS Listening sentence completion activity taken from Cambridge ESOL website Basically, it is a class activity which I use for my students but it is not necessary that you find a partner to solve it, you can do it alone.

In this activity you will learn how to do sentence completion questions by:

  • paraphrasing,
  • synonyms,
  • grammatical structures and
  • collocation.  (An arrangement or juxtaposition of words or other elements, especially those that commonly co-occur, as rancid butter, bosom buddy, or dead serious.)

There are two work sheets and a sample task. First solve both worksheets without listening the recording; try to solve each worksheet in 5 minutes. You may find exact answers in the recording, the words in the question are slightly different as paraphrasing or synonyms are used.

Try to do brainstorming to paraphrase the sentences or use synonyms to replace the key words. (See key below)

After finishing your worksheets A and B, start your sample task. Play the recording and keep in mind the possible paraphrasing and synonyms for the questions and to find answers that fit in terms of both content and structure.

  • must use a maximum of two words for the answer.
  • words should be taken directly from the listening text.
  • write in the space on your question paper and transfer to the answer sheet later.
  • From the tapescript underline the parts which contain the answers.

You may find the answer key below.

Worksheet A

Worksheet B

Sentence Completion Task Sample



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Answer Key