matching headings activity in Academic Reading

Today’s post is all about IELTS academic module “matching headings”. This is a classroom activity taken from but you can do it alone as well. It will raise awareness of the skills needed

  • to answer matching headings activity including identifying topic sentences,
  • understanding the main idea and
  • choosing the most appropriate heading.

Now let us start our exercise. First answer the activity questions then begin your task.

  • skim your paragraph,
  • locating the topic sentence and
  • then decide what the main idea is.
  • go back to the text and check each answer.
  • if your answer is wrong then correct it.
  • it is advisable to skim read each paragraph and
  • then read the headings to find a suitable one.
  • if you start with the headings then scan for the key words in them
  • you will be finding specific information rather than the main idea.


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