Identifying writer’s views/claims in Academic Reading


Here is the post for those who are appearing in IELTS academic module. It is Identifying writer’s views/claims task and your answer will be Yes/No/Not given taken from. I have also attached two worksheets with answer keys taken from so that you can understand the task completely. It is for the group practice but you can do it alone.

  1. first solve worksheet 1.
  2. read carefully all the different answers given.
  3. than solve the worksheet 2.
  4. finally do the task.
  5. do not read the whole passage.
  6. do skimming and scanning.
  7. check your answers.
  8. read carefully all the explanations given for the answers.

Additional information –Tips for this task

  • It is important to remember that the answer is always in the text.
  • Do not use your own knowledge about the topic in the text or make assumptions –
    use only the information in the text.
  • If you’re not sure of the answer, don’t spend too long thinking about it. Choose an
    answer choice and move on.
  • This task type becomes much easier with practice – so practice a lot!

Worksheet 1

Worksheet 1 Answer Key (variations)

Worksheet 1 Answer Key

Worksheet 2

Text Page 1

Text Page 2

Sample Questions

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Explanation of Answers