WRITING task 1 general training

This is general training module writing task 1. The question is taken from Cambridge English IELTS 10 by Vanessa Jakeman and Clare McDowell. This is a formal letter writing task.

Do not forget to make a mind map to all the bullet points given, when all your ideas gathered, craft your letter.

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.
People in your area are having problems with their internet connection.
Write a letter to the company which provides the connection. In your letter

• describe the problem
• explain how they are affecting people
• lay what the company should do to help

You do not need to write any addresses
Begin your letter like this
Dear Sir or Madam,

Write at least 150 words.


Happy New Year 2015!

So today’s sun dawned not only with a new day but also a era. Just tearing out a page of a calender not only changed the month but also we have entered in a new year.

This post is somehow different from the usual ones because I love to do creative writing.

All of you are whether planning to get admission in universities or waiting for immigration I will try my level best to help you all in getting highest scores in IELTS. I am also a non-native English speaker that is why I understand the difficulties and problems you are facing in your preparations.

Though, I am an IELTS instructor but i did several mistakes in creating my posts or sometimes became sluggish in writing new ones. But this year hopefully I will improve not only my writings, and post regularly but meet your expectations too.

Thank you for following my blog and reading my posts.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year.