using quantifiers in ACADEMIC WRITING

Today we are doing some exercises and learn how can we use quantifiers while explaining graphs in IELTS academic writing task 1.

In Part 1 of the IELTS writing test you may have to describe amounts. You’ll need to be careful using quantifiers words like ‘much’, ‘many’, ‘some’ etc.
In the exercise below you need to put the words and expressions into the correct group.

In this next exercise, the table below show how men and women spend their time each day and you need to complete the description by choosing the best word or phrase for each gap.



understanding tables & expressing numbers in ACADEMIC

Understanding tables and ways of expressing numbers in academic module writing is somehow a difficult task for students. Here are some activities which help you to understand the tables followed by ways of expressing numbers.

As you already know that the first part is an information transfer task. This means you need to take information from a table, chart or diagram and present it in the form of a short written description.

The second part is a discursive composition. For this task you are given a statement or an opinion about something and you must present your view.

The whole test takes an hour, but you will need more time for Task 2 than Task 1 because you
have to write more words and it is worth more points. The test is organised like this:

words    suggested time

Task 1: Information Transfer        150       20 minutes

Task 2: Discursive Composition    250       40 minutes

First solve this Activity 1 > The IELTS writing test types of writing > 5 minutes

Below is a list of the types of writing you have to do in the IELTS test. Sort the list into writing for Task 1 and writing for Task 2.

compare and contrast points of view
describe an object or system
evaluate and challenge ideas or an argument
explain how something works
justify an opinion
organise, present and compare data
describe the stages of a process
present a solution to a problem
present evidence to support an opinion

Task 1: Information Transfer         Task 2: Discursive Composition

Have you done this?


Now come to these two activities; first is about understanding tables and the other tells you the ways of expressing numbers while explaining these tables.

Understanding Tables

Ways of expressing numbers

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