PPF Strategy – SPEAKING Part 2

Let us talk about PPF strategy in the IELTS Speaking test where not only your fluency and coherence will be assessed but you must demonstrate knowledge of a range of more complex grammar structures accurately.

As you know in Part 2 of the Speaking test you have to talk for 1-2 mins about a topic from a topic card and 1 min will be given to prepare.

For example you are required to speak on a memorable trip.

What was the most memorable trip you’ve ever taken?
When did you go?
Where did you go?
What did you do?
Why was it memorable?

PPF stands for (Past, Present, Future). You can see in the worksheet different underlined verbs, so write Past, Present, Future on the left of the worksheet.

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  • It is not essential that you must talk about past, present and future in Speaking Part 2
    This strategy is an aid to help you to develop your answer. It is also likely to help you
    demonstrate knowledge of a wider range of structures.
  • It might not be natural, for example, to stick to future tenses only when talking about the future (see the ‘future’ extract on the worksheet – the speaker uses present perfect). Again, this doesn’t matter. The important thing is to try to develop your answers

Alternative suggestion

PPF strategy can be used with any Speaking Part 2 task.
e.g. describe an important building in your country, describe a film you have learnt something from, etc; try to give PP and F sentences for each.

Source: www.britishcouncil.org


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