Do I sound okay? – Speaking Part 2

Hello friends!

How are you? and how is the weather in your area. It has been a long time I think one week to talk to you people as I was busy in my exams.

So let us start our exercise. Today’s post is about IELTS Speaking test which raise awareness of importance of speech rate that is – Fluency and Coherence and intonation (Pronunciation) during your exam.

This is a classroom exercise done in groups, but you can do it alone, try to record yourself again and again while answering the questions. You can also do this with your friends, ask one or two fellows whose English is good to help you in preparing for the Speaking Task.


Tell about a journey you make regularly. You should say:
– why you make the journey
– how often you make the journey
– how long the journey takes
and explain why you like / dislike the journey

Record your answer and listen your recording. Make corrections according to the answer sheet of Worksheet 1.

Worksheet 1

In worksheet 2 match the advice to the students’ problems.

Worksheet 2

Embed from Getty Images

Answer Sheet



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