Approaching the reading tasks & assessment

IELTS reading task types are discussed earlier for both academic and general training modules. There is a wide range of skills which are assessed in your reading test.

• reading for gist
• reading for main ideas
• reading for detail
• understanding inferences and implied meaning
• recognizing writer’s opinions, attitudes and purpose
• following the development of an argument.

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Now how do you approach the task. Some of the points are discussed earlier but I am repeating here again.

  • Read the instructions carefully.
  • No extra time will be given to transfer your answers as in the listening task. Check all your answers to note down on the answer sheet (if you write on the question booklet).
  • Make sure that all your spellings must be correct and grammatically accurate.
  • Answer the questions according to the word limit as in the IELTS listening test, for example if you are asked to write “NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS” or sometimes “NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS”.
  • In multiple choice questions, use your common sense to eliminate some options.
  • Practice skimming and scanning. You don’t have time to read the whole text and then the questions.
  • In matching headings to paragraphs, first read the headings than first and the last sentence because sometimes its enough to find the answer.
  • You must familiar yourself with the question types before the test and practice makes you perfect.
  • All the answers are given in the passage. You only need to know the synonyms sometimes. For example, entertainment can be written as amusement.
  • You can skip difficult questions but do come back and answer them, you will not loose any mark for incorrect answer so do not leave a blank space.
  • Always keep your eyes and mind open and do not panic.



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