Reading Test’s content & task types

IELTS General Training and Academic Module have different content but same task types.

Academic Module

There are three reading texts in this module taken from different books, journals, newspapers, online resources and magazines for general readers. The texts are written in different formats, for example, narrative, descriptive or discursive/argumentative. At least one text contains detailed logical argument. It may have some illustrations, diagrams and graphs. If texts have some technical vocabulary, then a simple dictionary definition is provided.

General Training Module

This module have also three texts but more difficult as compare to academic module.

First section contains two or three short texts or several shorter texts.  The texts are based on everyday topics which a non-native speaker can understand easily while living in an English-speaking country. You will need to pick out important information, e.g. from notices, advertisements and timetables.

Second section contains two texts focused on work topics, for example, job descriptions, contracts, staff development and training materials.

Third section contains one long text which deals with a topic of general interest. The style of writing is generally descriptive (containing detailed information) and instructive (telling you how to do something). This text is longer and more complex taken from newspapers, magazines, books and online resources.

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Task Types

Both modules have same task types which are mentioned below. Remember not all the task types are given in a single paper.

Any of the following (though not all) may appear in any section:

  • Question Type 1 – Multiple choice
  • Question Type 2 – Identifying information (True/False/Not given)
  • Question Type 3 – Identifying writer’s views/claims (Yes/No/Not given)
  • Question Type 4 – Matching information
  • Question Type 5 – Matching headings
  • Question Type 6 – Matching features
  • Question Type 7 – Matching sentence endings
  • Question Type 8 – Sentence completion
  • Question Type 9 – Summary/note/table/flow chart completion
  • Question Type 10 – Diagram label completion
  • Question Type 11 – Short-answer questions


Here is a British Council’s warm up exercise for you. Read the text and listen the audio than solve the exercise.


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