What else could you say?

Hi friends!

Here is another activity to help you speak more and more and better able to meet fluency and coherence part of assessment criteria by developing ability to speak at length using a range of connectives / discourse markers.

Answer the following prompts first as long as you can.

  • I took my IELTS exam because…
  • I arrived on time for the exam, but…
  • I did well in the exam, so…



Now complete the dialogues with answers from the box (exercise 1). The words in bold are linking words and they are used to introduce extra information. In the Speaking exam it’s important to extend answers as much as possible.

Exercise 2 is to check that you understand how each linking word is used. You can practice it with your friend.

Q1 What are your favourite colours?
I love red…
…because it’s the colour of love…
…I guess green is also okay…
…but I still prefer red…
…Actually, all my clothes are red…

Worksheet – What else could you say? – Speaking Part 1

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ANSWER KEY – What else could you say? – Speaking Part 1

Enjoy your weekend. Have fun!

Source: http://takeielts.britishcouncil.org/teach-ielts/ielts-teaching-resources


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