speaking part 2 prompt

This is a speaking part 2 prompt taken from Collins EngIish for Exams: Speaking for IELTS by Karen Kovacs. It asks about a ‘competition or sporting event’, so you do not have to talk about sport if you are not interested in it. You could talk about another kind of competition, perhaps one that is traditional or popular in your country.
For example, a chess tournament, a singing competition, a beauty pageant, a dancing
competition, a strongest man competition, or a debating contest.

  • give yourself one minute to plan your answer,
  • making notes if you wish.
  • then talk for one to two minutes.
  • record yourself.

Describe an exciting competition or sporting event you have witnessed,

You should say:
what the competition or sporting event was
when and where it took place
who won
and explain why it was exciting.

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