table completion in IELTS listening

Today you are going to fill a table attached below. Listen to the introduction lecture to a course on American Literature and answer using one to three words for each gap.

Sample Task



1) England

2) organised religion

3) 1836

4) Britain

5) psychology

6) mystery

7) 1870

8) ordinary

9) workers’ rights OR ending slavery

10) southern OR south-eastern

11) France

12) his fate OR his destiny

13) environment

14) progress

15) poetry


And here is today’s Ted Talk for your listening practice. Enjoy!

Is there an equation for intelligence? Yes. It’s F = T ∇ Sτ. In a fascinating and informative talk, physicist and computer scientist Alex Wissner-Gross explains what in the world that means. (Filmed at TEDxBeaconStreet.)


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