Say it better! Speaking Part 1

Today i am sharing an exercise take from This exercise introduce you how to answer the questions which are not too short. This is a classroom exercise but you can do it on your own. Let us see what is this all about.

Question: What do you do to keep healthy? 

Now what will be answer of this question?

 Answer: I run.

  • What do you think?
  • Is that sounds okay?
  • Can you impress the examiner?
  • Can the examiner judge if your English is good or bad?

Yes. You are right. This is the shortest answer which cannot impress the examiner and neither you will get any score. So do the worksheet number 1 and 2. Try to use wide range of vocabulary to express your ideas. You can also make some mind maps.

Worksheet 1 – Say it better – Speaking Part 1

  • In worksheet 1 match a reply from the left column (1-6) with a reply to the same question from the right (a-f).
  • decide which of the two replies is the most impressive and tick the reply which is
  • identify why the grammar and / or vocab is better.

Worksheet 2 – Say it better – Speaking Part 1

  •  reword the three replies so that they are more impressive.

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Answer Key



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