Practice IELTS with Pretest

2015 is just right at the corner and students are busy in preparing their exams for the next year. Some of you have joined institutes and I hope you have also planned and registered for your IELTS exam.

I write this blog to help those who are preparing on their own but today’s post is for those who have joined some academy for IELTS exam preparation. Today I want to introduce you about the pretesting services provided by Cambridge English Language Assessment. Note, you can not take part in pretesting on individual basis.

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What are pretests?

Cambridge English Language Assessment use testing materials before they are used in exams to make certain that the exams are accurate and fair.

How can they help learners?

  • Pretests give learners a chance to practice taking Cambridge English exams using genuine English questions under exam conditions.
  • Exams which are ‘on demand’ (such as IELTS) usually have an open pretest date.
  • After taking the Reading, Listening and Use of English papers, the pretesting candidates are given scores.
  • Writing papers are marked by trained Cambridge English Language Assessment examiners and
    candidates receive detailed feedback about how they performed in the Writing test.
  • This helps learners to know which areas they need most practice in, and gives them experience and confidence in taking tests.
  • This helps to identify the candidates’ current assessment level and assists in their preparation for the live tests.
  • It is advised that students take pretests six to eight weeks before their live exam.

How can you become involved?
To take part in pretesting, your school must either be an active Cambridge English Language Assessment examination center or have candidates who are preparing for Cambridge English exams. You can request pretests via the online request form at  Furthermore, you can find more information about the purpose and practice of pretesting from the same website.


To request on-demand pretests, please contact the Pretest Administrator eight weeks before the date you wish to participate, via the online request form, with an estimate of the number of pretests
required. The online request form is located at                      The username is esolpretester and the password is practice.

Approximate length of time for each paper, in minutes

Reading: 75 minutes

Writing: 60 minutes

Listening: 40 minutes

Speaking: pretests are not available for Speaking papers.

Guide to Pretesting

Pretesting Calender 2015

Pretesting Calender 2015


Sunday is holiday, so I am sharing here a very interesting information which helps you in learning English. Hopefully I and you will correct our mistakes. : )


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