Listening task types

IELTS listening test is divided into four sections which are focused on following themes.

  • An everyday common talk between two people, such as a conversation between a staff member and client.
  • A person speaks about general situation, such as describing a library.
  • An educational talk among two or more people, such as a class discussion.
  • An academic discourse of common interest, such as lecture on a topic of general academic interest, such as climate change.

Each section has 10 questions.

Now in all these four sections you will get variety of tasks which includes:

  • Form/note/table/flow chart/summary completion
  • Multiple choice 
  • Matching
  • Plan/map/diagram labelling
  • Sentence completion
  • Short-answer questions


Remember you will get some of the task types in one paper; not all these question types appear in a single paper.

Today you will practice a sample task of FORM COMPLETION. 

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