Let us talk about Fluent Speaking!

IELTS speaking test is the shortest among the four but it is the one which gets on nerves of the candidates in comparison with listening, reading and writing. It is because you are sitting in front of the examiner and you are judged at the moment. To overcome this issue you must practice for the test as much as you can.

Mostly, students do not prepare because they do not know how to prepare! Start thinking in English because when you think in another language you are basically living in that language. Do not think “oh its easy. I can do at the moment”. Yes you can do but you will not achieve the desired band score. The key is that you must know about the four crucial things on which your speaking test is based.

One is fluency which is a flow of your language in continuous and natural way. It comes with lots of practice. Try to speak with your friends or people around you who can speak English. When you practice you will know how to organize your ideas as you do in your native language. Remember, everyone makes mistakes but practice makes you eloquent. Do not try to learn answers because questions may change and it will be difficult for you to express yourself.

For example: (taken from British Council's Speaking Lesson for Phase 1)
  • Tell me about your friends.
  • Do you spend a lot of time with them?
  • What do you do together?
  • Where do you meet?
  • How do you keep in contact with your friends?

Now make a mind map and expand your ideas and build your map as much as you can. Do not answer in a single word or a single sentence.

Feel free to ask me any question.

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