Analyzing Graphs in Academic Module

There are two writing tasks given in the academic module just as in general training module. Task two is same in both modules in which you have to write an essay of about 250 words, while task one is different.

In general training you need to write a letter but in academic module you are asked to analyse a graph, diagram, table or chart in 150 words. If you write less than 150 words you are penalized and marks will be deducted and if you write more than 150 words you will get no marks.

You have 60 minutes to complete both these task which are divided into 20:40 ratio. It means write your report and demonstrate your abilities to explain data in 20 minutes. Time management is a key skill which helps you to achieve the required score.

Do not write your views in bullet points; do write in paragraphs and explain one idea in one paragraph. Be sure that you have made comparisons, explained all the main points of the graph/chart/diagram/table, and summarized it in the end. Do not include any irrelevant information, to avoid this you must make a mind map. First write the topic sentence to introduce your idea, than explain it. Block your paragraphs. Divide 150 words into three or four paragraphs accordingly; it means more or less 50 words in each paragraph.

Furthermore, do not just copy the words given in the graph/chart/diagram/table or question but paraphrase them.

Feel free to ask your questions.

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