Sighting the Reading Task!

There are total 40 questions in IELTS reading test with one mark each. It means that the total marks are 40 and you will not loose any mark if you write an incorrect answer. So do not leave a blank space, if you do not know the answer just guess it.

The reading task is of 60 minutes and you will not get additional time to transfer your answers. Therefore, you must directly write your answers on the answer sheet. You are allowed, however, to mark and write on the question booklet.

Now let us talk about spellings and grammar. Keep it in your mind that no extra time will be given to transfer your answers as in the listening task. That is why, make sure that all your spellings must be correct and grammatically accurate. You can skip difficult questions but do come back and answer them, as I say that you will not loose any mark for incorrect answer so do not leave a blank space.

Further, read the instructions carefully and answer the questions according to the word limit as in the IELTS listening test, for example you are asked to write “NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS” or sometimes “NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS”. Always keep your eyes and mind open and do not panic.

Feel free to ask me your questions.

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