Tune in to the Listening Task

IELTS Listening Test is same for both academic and general training modules. The test evaluates your listening abilities that how much do you understand English language when native speakers talk. You will hear varieties of English language which includes New Zealand, North American, British and Australian.

IELTS listening test has 40 questions divided into four sections. There are 10 questions in each section. You will get one mark for every correct answer, and no negative mark if you write an incorrect answer, so there are 40 marks in total. If you do not know the answer try to guess it. It is better to fill the space than leave it blank.

Total length of the exam is 40 minutes. You will hear the recordings for approximately 30 minutes and in the end 10 minutes will be given to transfer your answers from question booklet to the answer sheet. During the test you are allowed to write your answers on question booklet, so you can write abbreviations or short forms of the words for your convenience. BUT you must write a complete answer with correct spelling (including currency symbols and decimal points for numbers) on your answer sheet, otherwise your answer will be considered wrong. 

Each recording is played once, so be attentive. It is necessary for you to hear the instructions and read the question booklet carefully. When the recording starts the speaker announces that you have 30 seconds to read the questions. Note that how many words are allowed to write your answer. It may ask no more than two words or three words, so be careful do not write more than required words.

Feel free to ask me your questions. I am ready here to guide you.

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