Informal Letter Writing in General Training Module

There are two tasks given in the general training module, one is letter writing and the other is an essay writing. You are given 60 minutes to complete both these task which are divided into 20:40 ratio.

Most of us know how to write a letter since our school days and know that how to write a formal or informal letter. In IELTS you are asked to write a formal, semi-formal or an informal letter of 150 words. It is the task number one which you are required to finish in 20 minutes, while writing you must remember the following points.

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  • You need not to write any address.
  • Your answer must be of 150 words; if you write less than 150 words you are penalized and marks will be deducted and if you write more than 150 words you will get no marks
  • You must answer all the bullet points given in the question. If you leave any point, marks will be deducted.
  • Mostly there will be three bullet points in the question.

Here is an example of an informal letter writing question taken from Road to IELTS which helps me in preparing my exam. Infact, I have done all my preparation from Road to IELTS, and I hope it will also helps you.

  • Before starting your letter brainstorm your ideas and make a mind map of all the bullet points.
  • Block your paragraphs. Divide 150 words into three or four paragraphs accordingly; it means more or less 50 words in each paragraph.

Look at the answer.

If you have any question feel free to ask me.


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