My Speaking Test.

It is very much difficult for me to describe the whole situation. The examiner asked some basic questions regarding my home. How is my home? Why do I like it? Which is the best area in my home? etc. I answered all the questions confidently but the second phase made me baffled when I saw the question card. It was written, “what you did in your life which had wasted your time?” and I had only one minute to think and gather my ideas. Oh my God! I did not do anything which had wasted my time then what do I do?

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Therefore, at the eleventh hour I created a mock story. Yes, a mock story. I said, once I had sewing classes because my mother wanted to do so. I don’t have any interest in sewing and stitching but I took admission which wasted my precious time and money.

And I did this!

So my dear friends while preparing for your IELTS speaking test, be ready for any unusual question.


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